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Gateway to the panhandle, Childress is home to many small businesses and residents. Fix It Wellington is here to help when you need handyman services in Childress. We provide handyman services to homeowners and businesses for your remodeling, repair, or improvement needs.

We operate out of Wellington, but we service surrounding areas like Childress!

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Need handyman services in Childress?

Fix It Wellington is here to offer you our professional handyman services. We get the job done right, the first time.

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We protect your property from damage and climate instabilities.

We adapt to environmental changes and come up with creative solutions.

Our Services

Childress handyman services, hanging holiday decorations, cleaning windows, stopping leaks, fixing water damage, and more.

Childress Texas lawn care services include lawn mowing and maintenance, weed maintenance and prevention, fertilizing, aeration, tree trimming, and tree and brush removal.

Drywall repair services in Childress include patching holes in walls, replacing water-damaged ceilings, removing popcorn from ceilings, texturing walls and ceilings, and more.

Furniture assembly Childress, TX installing blinds, window valances, and curtains as well as assembling home and office furniture from IKEA, Home Depot, Amazon, and others.

Painting services for Childress, TX include Interior and exterior painting, elastomeric painting and sealing, painting doors and wood windows, and more.

Childress Lawn Care Services.

Our Childress Fixers Get the Job Done

The city of Childress was named for George C. Childress, author of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Present-day Childress was originally two townsites, Childress City and Henry, only four miles apart. 

Like many Texas cities, Childress was heavily influenced by the railroad. The town of Henry was favored by the railroad for its smoother terrain. Businesses and residences moved to Henry which was renamed, Childress.

The city was incorporated in 1890 and had three stores, a restaurant, a post office, a livery stable, a boarding house, and a YMCA. The town also had a few saloons but voted to go dry after a fatal shooting in 1904.

Walter P. Chrysler was the general foreman of the Childress railroad shops before moving to Iowa and forming the Chrysler Motor Corporation. The railroad remained an important part of the local economy until the 1970s.

Nearby was the Childress Army Air Field from 1942 until 1945. The first commercially producing oil well was drilled in 1961 and by 1984 Childress had 159 businesses rated by Dunn and Bradstreet.

Today Childress has great attractions like Fair Park, the Childress ATV park, Stoney Ridge golf course, the Mashburn Event Center, and Rodeo Arena, and businesses like the OK Concrete company, Childress Lumber Company, and the Welder Supply LLC.

Childress County Court

Need lawn care services in Childress?

Fix It Wellington is here to offer you our professional lawn care services. We get the job done right, the first time.

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Childres ISD

Childress County

Childress Regional Medical Center

Childress Public Library

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Pilot Gas Station and Truck Stop

Childress First United Bank

Childress Texas Handyman Service

Have you searched for “painter near me” or “handyman near me” and found businesses that are located 50 or 100 miles away or ones that were no longer in business? No more. Now there are friendly, knowledgeable people ready to help with that honey-do list right down the road. 

The process is simple when you’re looking for handyman services in Childress, we can have a fixer there to help fix what needs fixing within the hour.

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