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Install, Patch, Remove and Replace

Drywall finishing is often the most dreaded or, at least, the least favored stage of home improvement projects. The process can be messy and difficult to execute for those of us who don’t have experience. When you have that door knob that has punched a hole right through the wall or water damage on the ceiling, a Fix It Wellington handyman can come and patch it up for you, no problem.

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Things like normal wear and tear, kid damage, damage from the removal of old pictures and shelving, or just cracks that seem to appear out of nowhere are fixed in no time.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Those old, outdated popcorn ceilings can be a source of frustration for many homeowners. This outdated and large texture casts shadows and makes the room appear darker. 

When you have other areas of your home where this texture has been removed you always seem to notice the rooms where it is not.

Our drywall and plaster service professionals can take care of that for you. Let us remove your old popcorn ceiling texture and add a new, fresh up-to-date look that adds value to your home.

Water Damage

The number one reason to replace or repair your drywall is moisture damage. When you have sprung a leak, either with the roof or a plumbing fixture, the damage left to your drywall can be significant.

This damage is not something that is just unsightly, it can foster the growth of harmful molds and mildew. Our drywall repair professionals can fix damage to your walls and ceiling no matter what the cause.

We will restore discolored and damaged areas, install necessary framing to patch holes in ceilings and walls, repair tape seam and nail pops, remove wallpaper, and match your existing flat, knock-down, or orange peel texture. Just call or click for a simple, seamless experience.

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